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  • Jessica B.
    3 years ago
    Ten years ago I began to experience knee pain. The pain began to get worse and hindered my ability to participate in activities. I tried braces and different remedies to try to alleviate the pain and inflammation but nothing seemed to work. I saw doctors and other physical therapists but the pain remained. It wasn't until I met with Dr. Garin that I finally had some hope! He took time during the initial assessment to get to the root of the problem and show me numerous exercises to strengthen my muscles. Two sessions later, I have been pain free for the last three months! I'm able to dance, workout and perform my daily routine PAIN FREE! 10 years of knee pain gone in just three sessions. Thank you, Dr. Garin!
  • Dan M.
    3 years ago
    When I first sought out Dr Wyberg, I had been dealing with a bulging disc and recurring back pain for close to 20 years. This was largely managed for many of those years through PT and exercise. More recently, the exercise and PT were not enough to keep the discomfort from limiting my daily activities and hobbies, and I was uncomfortable even getting out of bed. Through a referral I was introduced to Garin. His office is new, clean and comfortable and he approached the pain in a logical manner, asked a lot of questions, tested strength, flexibility, etc. Only after fully understanding the issues, testing strength, mobility, flexibility, etc. did he begin to design a plan of action. The program felt individualized, and I quickly experienced improvement. He even offered to assess my office workstation and automobile to confirm proper ergonomics. Having now completed my initial treatment period, I am able to be on my feet longer than I have been in years. I am also able to get out of bed in the morning without being hunched over. Moreover, I have been able to get back to my hobbies, lawn work, etc. without the discomfort both during and afterwards. I’m extremely pleased with my results, and will continue with the program and exercises. I would highly recommend Dr Wyberg to anyone dealing with any pain, strength, or mobility issues.
  • Pamela K.
    3 years ago
    It was a miracle that I came upon Dr. Wyberg. His card was sitting on my yoga teacher's desk because he had just stopped in to introduce himself . She explained that he had a lot of her same values. That the body can heal itself with proper treatment and care. My treatment came from Dr. Wyberg . I am a very active person. Yoga and circuit training are an important part of my life. I developed right hip and back pain about a year ago. I had been to physical therapy twice and chiropractic once with minimal relief. This limited my flexibility and training. Twisting and holding yoga positions sent me into spasms. Rolling from my right side to my left was painful so i had to slide to the bottom of the bed to get up in the morning. Dr. Wyberg spent 1 1/2 hours with me in each of 4 sessions. His practice is 100% him hands on. After every session he gave me a detailed list of home exercises to do. He even sent me videos of the exercises. The most important thing I learned was you have to stay committed to doing your part at home. With his expertise and your commitment to your home program you will succeed. He welcomes you to call him at any time with questions and concerns. I am now pain free and will continue with my home program. Thanks Dr. Wyberg!
  • Lisa B.
    3 years ago
    Garin is an extraordinary doctor of physical therapy. He has excellent clinical knowledge & expertise, paired with a passion for rehabilitation and genuine interest in his patients. Garin is successful in treating patients with pain, weakness, following orthopedic surgery, sports injury or accident. Garin demonstrates great results with his patients, whether a teenager or senior. In my 25+ years of working as a healthcare administrator, Garin is clearly THE BEST Physical Therapist I've met. I feel blessed that Garin was my own PT last year when I needed rehab. I recommend Garin's practice to anyone needing PT or a wellness program. If you've had PT at a different practice, you will know that the PT frequently does your initial evaluation and passes you off to assistants for much of your care. Garin provides 1:1 therapy and remains focused on your care, leading to faster and better results.
  • Jackie L.
    3 years ago
    I've known Dr. Garin for several years. His dedication and knowledge in the PT field is top notch, and he will get you better fast and safely. I couldn't be more proud of the specialist that he has become in his field.
  • Clint G.
    2 years ago
    When I first visited Dr. Garin Wyberg, I was afraid to do many of the things I love: run, lift, play pickup basketball, and generally feel physically well. This was due to a chronic sensitivity and pain in my pelvic floor (and everything that goes with it). I had been struggling with this pain for about a year and a half and had tried medications, a strict diet and supplementation plan, and a number of chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. None of these provided lasting pain-relief or set my mind at ease by even telling me what it was I was afflicted with. I visited Garin believing fully that I was broken physically and that my athletic lifestyle had led me to an injury of my pelvic floor. After a comprehensive and in-depth screening, Dr. Wyberg had ruled out any physical causes of my pain. He told me what no one else was willing to: the problem is not in your body, it is in your mind. Just to be sure, we worked back into the active lifestyle slowly, but sure enough, with the realization that I was not physically broken and that it was my mind over-fixating on my pain, I am back to running, lifting, and doing the things I love with less and less pain every day. The recovery took less than three months and I do not know what I would have done without Garin’s expertise and determination to see me back to health.
  • Mary G.
    2 years ago
    I went to Dr. Garin because I was having some chronic leg/hip pain. Dr. Garin was very thorough in his evaluation of me. The exercises he gave me were explained well and I knew exactly what movements I needed to do and the number of reps to complete. He answered my emails promptly. My leg pain is gone. The best thing about Dr. Garin is that he is an attentive listener which makes him an excellent evaluator which will make you pain free sooner!
  • Doug G.
    3 years ago
    Garin did an absolutely outstanding job. I'm a mid-50's male with a very active past and I was having some mysterious shoulder issues. Garin spent a lot of time assessing the situation and testing the appropriate treatments. Very meticulous, very thorough, doesn't pretend he knows everything about everything. Very refreshing and a real joy to work with. He's got a great "bed-side manner" if you will. Very people oriented and sincerely wants to help. I HIGHLY recommend Garin to anyone looking to improve their physiomovement!
  • Keith L.
    3 years ago
    For months I had been experiencing back and hip pain and other severe symptoms. I received multiple tests and examinations without diagnosis. Dr. Garin was able to not only able to diagnose me over the phone but also assist me with treatment exercises and recovery. His attention to his patients and dedication is unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced before. Thank you Dr. Garin.

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