Hip, Groin & Thigh Pain

Common Reasons for Hip, Groin & Thigh Pain include:

  1. Hip Arthritis (joint wear-n-tear or "bone-on-bone")
  2. Hip Impingement (Femoroacetabular Impingement or FAI)
  3. Labral tear
  4. Bursitis (Trochanteric Bursitis most common)
  5. Gluteal Tendonopathy (overworked butt muscles; common in runners & the more active folks)
  6. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
  7. Nerve Irritation (Sciatic Nerve most common)
  8. Lower Back Problems

Have you been looking for an answer to your hip pain? 

GOOD! Because this is the place for you...

We are pretty darn good at treating hip pain and getting people back to normal again. 

The key is to identify the ROOT CAUSE of your Hip, Groin and Thigh pain...

At Inner Strength Physio, we are NOT interested in just treating the site of your pain with gimmicky gels/creams and lasers that only temporarily mask the pain (if it even does that). You can lay on a heating pad at home...why are you wasting TIME & MONEY to do that somewhere else!?!? Don't even get me started on pain pills & surgery...

At Inner Strength Physio, we are dedicated to uncovering the ROOT CAUSE of your pain so that you feel much better, much quicker and have LONG-LASTING RELIEF!

Anything else would be a health care disservice...and we all know there is enough of that going on. 

BUT, don't just take our word for it...

Chronic leg/hip pain GONE!!!

Mary G.

“I went to Dr. Garin because I was having some chronic leg/hip pain. Dr. Garin was very thorough in his evaluation of me. The exercises he gave me were explained well and I knew exactly what movements I needed to do and the number of reps to complete. He answered my emails promptly. My leg pain is gone. The best thing about Dr. Garin is that he is an attentive listener which makes him an excellent evaluator which will make you pain free sooner!”

1-Year of Back & Hip pain GONE!!!

Pamela K.

“It was a miracle that I came upon Dr. Wyberg. His card was sitting on my yoga teacher's desk because he had just stopped in to introduce himself . She explained that he had a lot of her same values. That the body can heal itself with proper treatment and care. My treatment came from Dr. Wyberg . I am a very active person. Yoga and circuit training are an important part of my life. I developed right hip and back pain about a year ago. I had been to physical therapy twice and chiropractic once with minimal relief. This limited my flexibility and training. Twisting and holding yoga positions sent me into spasms. Rolling from my right side to my left was painful so i had to slide to the bottom of the bed to get up in the morning. Dr. Wyberg spent 1 1/2 hours with me in each of 4 sessions. His practice is 100% him hands on. After every session he gave me a detailed list of home exercises to do. He even sent me videos of the exercises. The most important thing I learned was you have to stay committed to doing your part at home. With his expertise and your commitment to your home program you will succeed. He welcomes you to call him at any time with questions and concerns. I am now pain free and will continue with my home program. Thanks Dr. Wyberg!”


Clint G. says....

“When I first visited Dr. Garin Wyberg, I was afraid to do many of the things I love: run, lift, play pickup basketball, and generally feel physically well. This was due to a chronic sensitivity and pain in my pelvic floor (and everything that goes with it). I had been struggling with this pain for about a year and a half and had tried medications, a strict diet and supplementation plan, and a number of chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. None of these provided lasting pain-relief or set my mind at ease by even telling me what it was I was afflicted with. I visited Garin believing fully that I was broken physically and that my athletic lifestyle had led me to an injury of my pelvic floor. After a comprehensive and in-depth screening, Dr. Wyberg had ruled out any physical causes of my pain. He told me what no one else was willing to: the problem is not in your body, it is in your mind. Just to be sure, we worked back into the active lifestyle slowly, but sure enough, with the realization that I was not physically broken and that it was my mind over-fixating on my pain, I am back to running, lifting, and doing the things I love with less and less pain every day. The recovery took less than three months and I do not know what I would have done without Garin’s expertise and determination to see me back to health.”

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