Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain

Common Reasons for Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain include:

  1. Bulging or Herniated Cervical Disc(s)
  2. Spinal Stenosis
  3. Degenerative Disc or Joint Disease (DDD/DJD)
  4. "Pinched" Nerves
  5. Elevated 1st Rib
  6. Shoulder Labral tears
  7. Shoulder Impingement, including...
    1. Rotator Cuff Problems 
    2. Bursitis 
  8. "Frozen" Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)
  9. Biceps Tendonitis

Have you just had it with your neck, shoulder or arm pain??? 

GOOD! Because this is the place for you...

Dr. Garin's Postdoctoral research was on the shoulder, and he's worked with Olympic swimmers and The Los Angeles Angels for issues related to the shoulder. ALSO, almost ALL neck, shoulder & arm pain can be treated naturally...

The key is to identify the ROOT CAUSE of your pain...

At Inner Strength Physio, we are NOT interested in just treating the site of your pain with gels/creams and gimmicky lasers that only temporarily mask the pain (if it even does that). You can lay on a heating pad at home...why are you wasting TIME & MONEY to do that somewhere else!?!? Don't even get me started on the opioid epidemic...

At Inner Strength Physio, we are dedicated to uncovering the ROOT CAUSE of your pain so that you feel much better, much quicker and have


BUT, don't just take our word for it...

"At 76, I'll just have to accept it...did not turn out to be true!!!"

15-Years of Shoulder Pain and Back to Normal!!!

Eric says...

“It's not too late!!!! I had been experiencing should pain from an injury I sustained 15 years ago. Garin was able to get me back to a point where I am able to enjoy doing the things I used to do and without the limitations. It was such a great experience working with Garin (I plan on going back for some issues with my lower back). If anyone out there is having any pain that is limiting their quality of life, go see Garin. He will set you up on a client specific plan to get better. He gets it. Treats you like family, he listens and pushes you past your own expectations.”

Back to Throwing, NO Pain, NO Tightness!!!

Nick says...

“I had been having forearm pain from pitching for around 2-3 months before coming to Garin. From the first evaluation with him, I could tell he had extensive knowledge in his field. He was able to immediately address my injury and gave me a stretching/strengthening plan to begin my road to recovery. The sessions lasted about an hour and were very beneficial. Within a week of doing the exercises, my forearm had gotten stronger and more flexible. I have begun throwing again and no longer have any pain or tightness. Garin did a phenomenal job in giving me the correct route to ensure I recovered as quickly as possible. The key is to follow his plan exactly and everything will go smoothly. I highly recommend him to anyone in the Pittsburgh area who may have mobility issues or any type of pain.”

One of the Most Healthful Experience of My Life!!!

Joe says...

“I never would have guessed that driving up 5th Ave in Coraopolis would be one of the most healthful experiences of my life. I saw Dr. Garin Wybergs window sign, Inner Strength Physio and stopped in to ask what it was about. I was amazed both at his treatment philosophy, the depth of his professional knowledge and what and how he wanted to accomplish goals as a Physical Therapist in Private Practice. At age 76 with a broad knowledge of medical and various therapeutic treatment philosophies, I was impressed with Dr. Wyberg's treatment philosophy and insights. As I accepted a course of treatment with him, it became even more clear that what he delivers in a private practice setting is near impossible and unlikely to be delivered within the scope of a traditional physical therapy programs because of the time and financial constraints imposed on the insurance covered models that I have used in the past with disappointing results, though I have a rather good insurance plan. I saw him for a “get acquainted session” and it was obvious he is of a genuine nature, knowledgeable and has a real ability to listen and hear patient concerns. He shared views that matched and more deeply reinforced what I had come to find true in life and in my own therapeutic profession of 38 years. My purpose in seeking his assistance were two: Residual pain from about 3 years of living with a left shoulder joint that is bone on bone and for which I rejected a shoulder replacement. Of even more concern at the time of meeting him, was my daily pain with my right shoulder that has presented in the past year or so with daily discomfort and periods of sharp pain that was about an 7-8 or more at times on a scale of 10. This issue was resulting from multilevel degenerative changes of the cervical spine with moderate to severe spinal canal and neural foraminal narrowing in the cervical spine. With Dr Garin's skilled observations and knowledge he assisted me, not only to better understand my responses to pain and how they were affecting me, but he taught me a variety of procedures to engage my problem areas with movement exercises that increased more free movement and reduced pain. I have never done well with such instructions but his skills helped me to better use what had to be done. I would highly recommend anyone engaging him to see if he can help and if not he will be upfront if he thinks he cannot assist.

I am able to do everything I enjoy!!!

Laurie says...

I’ve been having neck issue since since December 2014. After previous physical therapy sessions with little success, I decided to give Dr Garin a try after meeting him at a session he did at my daughter’s yoga studio. Dr Garin helped me figure out that the issue was really a bad dis and not just the long hours spent at my desk at work in front of a computer. Dr Garin worked with me for six sessions at his facility and I faithfully performed the home exercises he gave me as well. Although I am not completely pain free, the difference is significant. I’m able to do everything I enjoy, from yoga, to gardening, walking and even pickle ball (something new since retirement). When I feel that I’ve overdone something, I now have the right tools to reduce the pain and more often stop it. Three exercises in the am and three in the pm and I’m good to go. Thank you Dr Garin!

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